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Jun 21, 2022
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The central initiative of this 65th anniversary of Coca-Cola, as it will bring together outstanding young people, leaders in different disciplines, in an iconic space so that together they can develop ideas that contribute to the future usa phone list our society in different fields. Generating usa phone list and future with young people Young people are present and future. They are the engine and spark of growth towards a better society. For this reason, Coca-Cola, as part of its historical commitment to the country, society and young people, has wanted to celebrate its 65th anniversary by giving them a voice so that they can become the protagonists in the construction of the future of our country. The GeneradorES Program was born under this idea, an initiative with which Coca-Cola will gather in the same space in September 30 young Spanish leaders between the ages of 18 and 30 so that they can spend 65 hours together with the aim usa phone list generating ideas that contribute to the country in different spheres of society. In order for them to carry out their work, the 30 usa phone list people will face 15 challenges drawn from the UN Millennium usa phone list Development Goals, from the main concerns of the Spanish people according to the latest CIS barometer and the latest report from the Santa María Foundation. In this way, young people, during the coexistence, will be able to debate and make their proposals on how to deal with issues such as the future of employment, the adaptation of education to the needs of the labor market, the transversal opportunities offered by new technologies, diversity , the progressive aging of the population or sustainability, among others. In a second phase, Coca-Cola will present to the deputies and representatives of the main political parties in Spain the ideas proposed by the young people of the GeneradorES Program usa phone list that they can assess them and promote them from Congress if they consider so. The program will have the collaboration of various youth organizations and usa phone list linked to entrepreneurship who, in addition to supporting the initiative, will be primarily responsible for selecting these young people who can contribute to changing the future of our country. 65 years of stories As part of the #SomosParteDeTi campaign for this 65th anniversary, Coca-Cola also wants to pay tribute to different people who over the years have collaborated so that the company and its brands are part of our country, lending their energy and talent in different ways. areas of society such as sports, culture or the environment.
The Generadores Program Will Become USA Phone List
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